When is a dividend's ex-date?

How do I find out a dividend’s ex-date? I can’t seem to find it easily - or do we have to wait for announcement and expect it to be somewhere around where it was last year?


Companies often have a dividend policy which they publicise in the annual accounts, so you can dig down there. Or you can ask the company’s investor relations.

Stocks Cafe lists a history of dividend payments so you can check the regularity and take an educated guess from that data.

Once a dividend has been announced it will appear on SGX and with a short delay on Stocks Cafe. Only then will the actual ex-date be known.

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Thanks bro. Helpful to know I’m not missing anything

You will know when it is announced.

You can also make use of StockBot and follow the companies you are vested in. Every corporate announcement is fed to your phone via StockBot.

Also companies on SGX often allow you to register an email address and they will send announcements to that as well.

Personally, I use www.dividends.sg
I think Stockscafe tabulates them nicely too.