Which Brokerage do you prefer for buying foreign shares?

I like SCB for the no custodian fees as I intend to keep long term ans also cheaper fees.

But recently I have been to thinking it is more secure/safer to buy through local banks as they are more safer. The 3 Big banks of SG versus SCB. Just that their fees are highs and also the custodian fees.

would u pay more for the the security? esp if long term holding, I don’t think I can transfer my current foreign share from SCB to say iocbc/vickers, can I? so best to decide and stick to one?

I wont pay for the extra security. The only case I can think of to pay for extra security in a local bank is when my portfolio is so huge that the fees become inconsequential. Maybe a million dollar portfolio?

haha ic ic but then your share cannot transfer liao

I use Phillips Security … its expensive I know. But I like to consolidate all on a single platform. Anyway, I buy/sell infrequently.

Alot of studies and statisticsshow how much a small fee can affect long term returns…so that is partly why there is so much hype around low cost ETFs. Hence, if your portfolio is small, the fees are really detrimental to long term growth.

I see you keep selling and buying doh in small quantity

Agreed … so I am migrating to more index :-):blush:

Those are for trading :wink:

Interactive brokers is pretty good anything outside of Singapore stocks.

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provided you trade alot.