Why didn't I receive the daily market update email from StocksCafe?

  1. Please ensure that you have whitelisted stocks.cafe with your email provider (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc) so that it doesn’t accidentally end up in the spam folder.

  2. In your email preferences under Market Updates, check that you have selected either Daily or Weekly for Email Frequency.

  3. For basic users, this market update email is only available for the first 300 days after signing up.

  4. If the above does not work well and you are using Microsoft owned emails (e.g. hotmail, MSN, Outlook, etc), please switch to a different provider (recommended: Gmail). You can add/change your email here.
    Note: The reason is unclear, but Microsoft seems classify StocksCafe as spam, while Google does not.

  5. If the reason is none of the above, please send a message to @evankoh.