Wrong dividend for NMFC


This is the link to dividends for NMFC.


It seems you are missing the bonus dividends. The 0.32 is a normal dividend and there is a 0.04 bonus.

Can please check.


Updated → New Mountain Finance Corporati Dividend Details (USX:NMFC) - StocksCafe


Looks good but strangely amount shown as “Paid” is unchanged and still based on 0.32. Does it take time to show up in amount?

Oh… That should change daily or you can click on the clear cache link below.

I have a similar issue of missing bonus dividends for HTGC.

Is there any way to fix the issue for all tickets that pay bonus dividend or should I escalate whenever I find one?


Hmm… The easy should is to complain it to upstream.

The more complicated solution is to change upstream but no guarantees another provider will be better.