Wrong numbers for current P&L

Have 3 issues with my numbers:

  • The current P&L for SGD and USD are positive but SGD Total shows a very negative number (> - 20%).
  • It also shows the Current cost is greater than my current value.
  • the P&L numbers for my RDSB holdings doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Can you help me take a look at these please? Thank you!


Thank you for reaching out.

Current P&L in SGD Total is not Current P&L of SGD + USD converted to SGD directly.

Current P&L in SGD Total = Current Value in SGD - Current Cost in SGD

Usually, such cases is caused by a wrong FX entry in the transactions. In your case, I see that is likely due to your Apple Inc transaction → Edit Transaction

Yes, this is caused by the wrong transaction stated above.

Tips: You can check out this page → Transactions list - StocksCafe
It will have red * on the price for weird FX input. Also, there will be highlights in red for potentially incorrect inputs.

Same. This is caused by incorrect inputs :slight_smile:
You have entered a GBX 17.1 as the buy price per share while the current price for this stock is GBX 1380.


Thanks Evan! I have made the changes and it looks fine now :smile: