@evankoh - I am facing some issues over my P&L and XIRR due to stock split and delisting. This is predominantly in my SELL transasctions impacting:

  • Accordia golf trust

I tried methods by selling the old stocks based on the cash distribution and creating the new stocks at their opening price but i believe this will impact the overall P/L calculation and XIRR.

For delisting, you should sell it for whatever you received. Could be cash distribution or shares or combination of both.

It is unlikely to “impact” overall P&L in the wrong way if we entered the values accurately.
As for XIRR, it might be impacted slightly. However, how would you attempt to do it without impacting XIRR otherwise?

Btw, there is a debug page that would show the XIRR computation → https://stocks.cafe/user/toviewportfolioxirrdetails

Can create a “test” portfolio and use it to experiment.