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There’s been a corporate action for this ticker (USX:AUY) so it’s no longer listed. Could you help me look into this?

Total consideration payable to Yamana shareholders consists of US$1.0 billion in cash, approximately 153.5 million common shares of Pan American and approximately 36.1 million common shares of Agnico for an implied transaction value of approximately US$4.8 billion. Shareholders of Yamana will receive US$1.0406 in cash, 0.1598 of a Pan American common share and 0.0376 of an Agnico common share for each Yamana common share held.

Yamana to be Acquired by Pan American and Agnico for US$4.8 Billion | Cassels.com.

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Sure. What are the tickers of Pan American and Agnico?

Also, when is the exDate for this?


Hi Evan,

The respective tickers are:
USX:PAAS - Pan American Silver Corp
USX:AEM - Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd

Ex Date is 10 April 2023

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Thanks. Let me ensure I get the facts right.

1 share of USX:AUY on 10 April 2023 will get you USD1.0406 in dividend and 0.1598 shares of USX:PAAS and 0.0376 USX:AEM?

Hi Evan,

Yes that sounds correct.

To illustrate further, for myself I had 600 shares of USX:AUY prior to delisting. On 10 April 2023, I was credited with USD 624.36 (USD1.0406 * 600 shares) + 95 shares of USX:PAAS (0.1598 * 600 shares; rounded down) + 22 shares of USX:AEM (0.0376 * 600 shares; rounded down).

Sure. Done.

  1. Created this event → StocksCafe

  2. Also added the dividends → Yamana Gold Inc Dividend Details (USX:AUY) - StocksCafe


Thanks for your help Evan!

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