YZJ Spinoff

Hi Evan and all friends,

There is a YZJ spinoff to YZJ shipbuilding and YZJFH, will stockscafe factor this in automatically?




Hi Vic,

Can you share what will happen? I took a quick look at the article but it was not clear what is going to happen. For example, if I have one share of YZJ, what will I get and “lose”?


Keen to know too as a shareholder of YZJ.

Essentially YZJSH holders was entitled 1:1 share in the new spin-off entity YZJFH (YF8). Ex date was 22 Apr 2022.

Hi Evan, if you have 1000 BS6 shares, you’ll receive 1000 YF8 shares on 28 Apr 2022. Will you be programing this so we can just click “Accept”? Thanks!

@LHT5 @tsueyer

Will you lose that 1000 shares of BS6?

And yes, once I have that information, I can set it up such that you just have to click “Accept”.

Although actually, I think this situation is quite straightforward though. It is essentially just a buy transaction on 28 April. We just need to determine how much to price YF8 at.

Hi Evan and friends,

To reply to your question, we will still keep that 1000 shares of BS6. Just that the value will drop to ex-YF8 value with last day trading on 21st April 2022. YF8 shares debuted with price of $0.69 on 28th April 2022.

As I am holding both as well, I am thinking to do the following transactions which can you confirm:

  1. Sell BS6 shares at closing price of $1.54 at your quantity on 21/04/2022.
  2. Add BS6 shares at price of $1.54-$0.69 = $0.85 at your quantity on 22/04/2022.
  3. Add YF8 shares at opening price of $0.69 at your quantity on 28/04/2022.

Not sure whether did I get it right.

SG Cashflow Investor

Hi @sgcashflowinvestor,

I actually like and agree with what you have proposed.


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Btw, I created the M&A event → https://stocks.cafe/events/details?suggestion_id=4

So, you can simply go there and click accept.


Hi Evan,
I went to the link but i dont see where to click Accept. Pls advise.

Hi @doreenchu74,

I checked. It seems like you do not have SGX:BS6? Cannot even find any past transactions of BS6.


thank you @sgcashflowinvestor and @evankoh for coming up with a simple 1 click solution for us!