Add SSB Transaction to Portfolio

Hi all,

I have added a portfolio, named “Singapore Saving Bond”.

I have June 2018 SSB. How to enter the transaction? What is the code? Thanks.

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There are two easy ways.

  1. Go straight to add transactions =>
    Then in the StockCode field, type “June 2018” and it should be suggested to you.

  2. List of all issues of SSB can be found here =>



This is an excellent improvement to Stocks Cafe. Now I can track my SSB as well.

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Next, I intend to make StocksCafe flexible to record any Assets. Maybe need to change name again to AssetsCafe :slight_smile:

(Just kidding about name changing)

It will be great if you can also add bonds like temasek

Temasek is there :slight_smile:

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How about the fee for the SSB ? how do we enter the fee ?
SSB fee is sgd 2 per transaction. Let’s say if we buy SGD 5000, then at the “Total After Fees” should we enter SGD 5002 ?

Another question: how does SSB impact the existing portfolio P&L calculation ?>

Yup. That would be what I do.

Well, you would lose $2 due to fees for P&L. But once you start getting dividends, you will have P&L+Dividends becoming positive.

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Hi, does anyone know if we redeem SSB early, will stockscafe calculate the pro-rated interest? E.g. May 2018 SSB redeemed in Oct 2018.


I do not remember. I need to check the code.

Did you enter the transactions and realized that is not the case?

Hi Evan, yeah I think it doesn’t. But I’ve found my own way around that so it’s ok!


Can you share how you work around it? It would help others as well.

I literally manually change the figure on the total fees to include the pro-rated interest in. Very rudimentary :joy:

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Whatever works. The easier the better!

Wait. But in this case, you will inflate your fees though.

I think doing dividend override might be better. It is also very easy yet all metrics will be accurate still.