Add SSB Transaction to Portfolio

Hi all,

I have added a portfolio, named “Singapore Saving Bond”.

I have June 2018 SSB. How to enter the transaction? What is the code? Thanks.

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There are two easy ways.

  1. Go straight to add transactions =>
    Then in the StockCode field, type “June 2018” and it should be suggested to you.

  2. List of all issues of SSB can be found here =>



This is an excellent improvement to Stocks Cafe. Now I can track my SSB as well.

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Next, I intend to make StocksCafe flexible to record any Assets. Maybe need to change name again to AssetsCafe :slight_smile:

(Just kidding about name changing)

It will be great if you can also add bonds like temasek

Temasek is there :slight_smile:

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How about the fee for the SSB ? how do we enter the fee ?
SSB fee is sgd 2 per transaction. Let’s say if we buy SGD 5000, then at the “Total After Fees” should we enter SGD 5002 ?

Another question: how does SSB impact the existing portfolio P&L calculation ?>

Yup. That would be what I do.

Well, you would lose $2 due to fees for P&L. But once you start getting dividends, you will have P&L+Dividends becoming positive.

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Hi, does anyone know if we redeem SSB early, will stockscafe calculate the pro-rated interest? E.g. May 2018 SSB redeemed in Oct 2018.


I do not remember. I need to check the code.

Did you enter the transactions and realized that is not the case?

Hi Evan, yeah I think it doesn’t. But I’ve found my own way around that so it’s ok!


Can you share how you work around it? It would help others as well.

I literally manually change the figure on the total fees to include the pro-rated interest in. Very rudimentary :joy:

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Whatever works. The easier the better!

Wait. But in this case, you will inflate your fees though.

I think doing dividend override might be better. It is also very easy yet all metrics will be accurate still.

Hi Evan how do you override the SSB interest for early redemption? Any example?

Hi there,

The easy solution would be dividend override → How to Override Dividends - StocksCafe Academy

Simply add in the dividend that you have received due to early redemption.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Not OP but could you elaborate on using dividend override to account for SSB interest for early redemption? For the sake of clarity, based on the example of redeeming 18,000 units of SBJUL22 GX22070T on 1 Dec 22, and receiving a pro-rated interest of $126.48?

At first, I had simply tried to record a “sell” transaction and set the total as $18,126.48 whereupon the fees comes up to “-$126.48” and the system “complains” that ‘Update GX22070T successfully but note that Total is more than Unit * Price which is weird when selling’. I suppose another workaround is setting the sell price @ 1.0070264 instead of 1? (Except that the system does not allow this as “SSB price should always be SGD 1 per share”)

Anyway, all this got me wondering if there is a better way of doing this. Thanks in advance for your advice!

Hi there,

I would not “account” for the pro-rated dividends in the transaction.

I would use this page ( to add a collected dividend of total dividend of 126.38 instead. (i.e. dividend per share of 126.38 / 18000).