Stock split for C31

How do i do the stock split for C31?



What happened to C31? Can you tell me more?


C31 is delisted. In its place for every share of C31, we get 1 share of CLIM (9CI) + $0.951 + 0.1546 share of C38U

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Thanks! Can I know when will this happen? Also, when will the cash ($0.951) be distributed?

Btw, I created a ticket in attempt to handle cases like this for now and future →

Cash distribution was in today (or at least I just saw it). Also the C38U and 9CI new shares also in CDP but there is no price given for the new 9CI yet. Trading starts on Mon for the new counter.

I see. Ah… I just checked. 9CI is not listed yet.

Anyway, the following three transactions is what I would recommend to handle this.

  1. Create a sell transaction for C31 with date (20 Sep) @ price 0.951 + close of 9CI on 20 Sep + 0.1546 x close of C38U on 20 Sep.

  2. Create a buy transaction for 9CI @ price at close on 20 Sep with same number of shares as C31.

  3. Create a buy transaction for C38U @ price at close on 20 Sep with shares = 0.1546 x number of C31 shares.

ps: You need to do this for each portfolio that has C31.
pps: If you want to wait, I will try to find some time next week to complete this ticket → so that you just need to click “Accept” or something like that for the above three transactions to be created for you.


Evan, disappointed that we need to do this manually. It can be late but i don’t think it gives user like us confidence in the system.


Yes. Understand the disappointment. For this particular event, as far as I know, there is no upstream provider would have such data/information in an actionable way (since it is complex and rare).

The best that can be done would be I manually enter all the details and propagate to users which is the intention of this ticket →


Thanks it’s STP or manual, it probably does not make any difference to us.
Appreicate if you can do that.


Awesome! Can you please alert us once it’s done? Where can we click the Accept button? Thanks!

Yup. Will do. Btw, might take a few days at least since I am going to take the vaccine jab tomorrow :frowning:

Hope the vaxx is not giving much uncomfortable reactions. Anyway, tried to buy 9CI as you instructed and it gave a Null error msg. So cannot proceed

I see. I believe 9CI is listed today. StocksCafe get the data only at end of day so for newly listed stocks, the stock will only be available to be entered at the end of trading day.

Please try again after receiving the email update today (around 8pm).


ps: at the vaccination center now

Great! Was about to ask how to create the corporate event. Thanks for making it easier for us! :+1:

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Thanks for the suggested workaround Evan - will look into this when the data is in! Totally understand that we can only do as much as the upstream gives us.

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Btw, where can I get the official announcement for this?

I attach the presentation. It says here that we get 0.155 C38U shares but for my 3000 units of C31, I got only 464 C38U.


Hmm… This is no good. Do you know why they reduce it by 1 shares? It does not seems to even be rounding down since 3000 x 0.155 is exactly 465.

No idea on how they calculate. I think we small fries get stepped on and can only suck thumb