What stocks are you looking at in 2019

I just sold it at opening, 0.720.

About 3+ % annualised P&L + Div for holding slightly more than 1 year. Average price was 0.737.

Nice. That’s a good idea as well, instead of waiting for divs,

I will consider it again at 63c. For now, look to re-deploy somewhere else. I recently added Capitaland Retail China Trust at 1.42.

I am looking forward to the following stocks:

Jardine C&C

CRCT NAV dropped to $1.57, may drop again due to RMB

Starhill dpu has been dropping for 3yrs well into the 4th. This is the only REIT I traded alot, sell after each bad results and before XD. luckily I earn some peanuts each time.

Decided to stay clear until good price

CDG seem to be going up as go jek like no fight?

just curious whats the good price u analysed for shg reits?

Starhill? I would prefer 0,64 for more MOS for the down side for a 7% yield.

Agreed that 0.64 will be good price for SGR. I sold some into the recent SGR rally and hope to buy back if it goes back to < 0.65. If not, then I will be happy to hold a smaller portfolio of it … I am trying to reduce my retail exposure

cont to increase REITS portion as US will cut the interest rate this year

More value REITs for more passive income as I am about to switch to retirement mode.
In 2020 I am thinking of starting swing trading as I will hopefully have time to follow the market. Currently I am just collecting.

Recently bought CromwellREIT SGD.

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same here. Bought it yesterday.

Looking to invest in some beaten down stocks, now researching on Asian pay tv trust and accordia golf trust

Ulta Beauty anyone?

Bought liao

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Not afraid it will plunge further?

support line at $230. well plunge then see lor

Ulta Beauty’s (ULTA) Q3 Earnings Top Estimates, Shares Rise

yes! 264 now

twitter. u got consider? 2nd yr into profitability. good time to add some. current price in think worth it. same price as when it is still in losses. cannot be leh

BMY. I got that due to celgene M&A. both revenue combine difinately dun worth only 50. avg price for me 55ish